About ME


I'm Alicia Worobec, and I help people find freedom and comfort in their skin by showing them how to make peace with food and movement so they can leave yoyo dieting and body shame in the past for good.  I help them see that 

no dream or goal is dependant on their shape or size.

As a Registered Health Coach and a Certified Intuitive Eating Facilitator I use a Weight Neutral and HAES based framework to help my clients focus on their health more holistically, taking into account the physical, emotional and mental aspects to ensure they reach their health goals while also maintaining balance, compassion, and respect for their bodies.  I help my clients reach their goals by combining support, accountability and stretch to help them make the necessary Mind Shifts for sustainable health and happiness- shifting the focus away from trying to change their outward appearance to instead nurturing and working on how they feel on the inside.

I show people how to fall in love with who they are NOW, and how to stop living for the after (after the weight loss, after the promotion, after finding Mr. or Mrs. Right), so they can figure out what it is they genuinely want and develop the confidence to go out and get it.


Why do I do all this? Because I know that weight- emotional and physical- of trying to be the person I thought everyone else wanted or needed me to be—the exhausting hustle of keeping the facade going- instead of being my true self, TODAY.


I always felt like I was “too much:"

Too fat

Too loud

Too demanding

Too impatient

Too sensitive


While at the same stupid time like I was "never enough":

Not thin enough

Not smart enough

Not pretty enough  

Not giving enough


I spent so much time trying to make myself fit into that box of what I thought was acceptable, careful of everything I said, ate, wore, how I freaking sat in a chair!, so they’d believe-so that I would believe- I was valid. This way of living wasn’t living, and it screwed up my life.


What I didn’t understand, what I wasn’t getting, was that every attempt to change and improve my life was always directed at external things. This strategy of trying to control and change my external world never worked. Trying to make my life look the way I thought happiness was supposed to look [on the outside] just kept feeding those messages in my head that "I couldn’t hack it," "I was too much" and "not enough." The questions of  “Is this it? “Is this what my life is going to be?” were still there.  I knew that I was DONE and that if I didn’t find a different way I would be stuck on that hampster wheel forever going around and around never getting any closer to where I wanted to be.


So, I decided to blow up my life and start over by looking inwards.


I decided to be BRAVE and start saying YES! Yes to anything that ignited a fire inside me. I stopped viewing myself as someone who needed to be "Fixed" and Bravely started embracing everything that was already authentically RIGHT.  


I decided to be BOLD and use my “too loud” voice to stand up and ask for what I wanted because I now had a clear understanding of what that was along with the conviction that I deserved to have it.  


I decided it was OK to live BIGGER and to stop trying to shrink - my body, my desires, my needs, my presence -to make others happy and more comfortable. I let myself BE big and take up as much space as I wanted, as much space as my body and spirit needed.


I let go of A LOT, but I gained so much more! I felt grounded and purposeful.  I became more patient with my kids; I won a more intimate and stronger relationship with my husband, I got comfortable in my skin and started loving my body. I stopped obsessing about and feeling crazy around food. I stopped caring if others felt like I was too much or not enough because I felt just right. I decided to take a chance on myself and work towards a career that felt right for ME.


 Now I am passionate about helping other people find their rightful place in this world and proudly stake their claim.  We need more unapologetic authenticity from people, we need more beings that are unafraid to be BIG BOLD and BRAVE, and that's what I want to inspire in others.  That is what my coaching practice is all about.