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Summer- Learning how to co-exist with different personality types ie: my kids.

I have a love hate relationship with Summer. I love the smell of hot sand mixing with the salt water as you jump in the waves, the faint sound of the ice cream truck music as you jump over the sprinkler, community outdoor pools with the smell of French Fries in the air. I hate that I am only happy in the Summer if I am in or near the water. Water and a breeze keep my body cool in the heat which is the only way I can survive without having a literal meltdown. Even as a kid I would overheat in the sun and get sunburns on the regular. Heat stroke was a constant. To this day if I am in the sun for too long I get a severe headache and my body shuts down. I run hot, ALL THE TIME. Give me Fall and Winter every day! I love having a chill in the air. When most people need to put on a sweater and thicker socks, I gleefully put on a T-shirt and sandals and strut around outside like I’m on Vacay Y’all.

If I had to pick a season to describe myself I am 100% FALL/WINTER. When the weather gets cold and gloomy and most people want to hide inside, I seek the outdoors and the cold winds to cool my internal heat. Where most people start to get depressed from the grey and cold, I feel energized and happy. When snow starts to fall, I get giddy with excitement over all the adventures to come instead of cursing having to drive in it. The cold brings my body a feeling of lightness and a sense of purpose. I feel at home in my body in the cold, instead of caged in by it, in the heat.

My daughter is a SUMMER, through and through. She hates the cold and the rain and gets moody and challenging in the winter months. She hates having to wear clothes and longs for the sun to come out so she can run around nearly naked soaking in the rays. She never gets a sunburn and can be outside all day and feel alive at the end of it. She begs me to take her to the water park and the beach so she can have picnics and just be in the sun and heat as long as it is around. This is a challenge for me. I see hot weather in the forecast and I want to shut all the blinds and hide in the house. I start to get anxiety thinking of all the sunscreen and umbrellas and coolers of ice I am going to need to get through an excursion without losing my mind. I start stressing about the long sleepless nights tossing and turning in the heat with fans all around me knowing there are no more clothes to take off. So what to do? I don’t want to force my little sun worshipper to stay indoors and be miserable just as I don’t want to be outside in the sun all day melting and being miserable.

So, as the parent and supposedly more mature one I have to make this work. I can’t let my dislike for something that brings my daughter joy cloud her experience. She has just as much right to love and enjoy Summer as I have to loathe it. So I do what any emotionally mature parent would do in my situation, I send her to the water park with her Father and decide that this falls under the Daddy-Daughter Bonding time umbrella and I’ll save my Bonding experiences for the Winter when I am in my element and can put up with her tantrums and whining about the cold and having to wear socks and a jacket. Better her having the tantrum than me.