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Holy Crap I just made a Website?- Learning to stretch out of my comfort zone.

I am a good example of someone who is afraid of technology. Don't get me wrong I enjoy using technology as long as I don't have to figure out how to make it work. Just hand me something that's all programmed and ready to go and easy to follow.

I'm much more comfortable in the Tactile, mechanical world where I can see everything in front of me and play around until things come together. If there is a problem that needs to be solved and it involves working with materials I can hold in my hands and play around with I can almost always find a solution. Tools, raw materials, paper and glue baby!

I get really stuck- Frozen is a better word- if I have to do math or solve a problem purely in my head. Word problems in math enrage me! - "Like seriously why do I have to solve for the angle of the shadow the ladder makes on the side of the house? There are these really cool things called measuring tapes and protractors we can just physically measure it in REAL LIFE people- not on a calculator!" I think this is part of the reason I was so drawn to my Husband when I first met him. He saw the world differently than me and loves to try and explain it to me, lol (that never lasts long). So when it came time to create my website for Coaching I immediately asked my Husband to help me- that's his world. Well, you know what happens when you ask family to do something for you, for free...

I got tired of waiting for him to have time and decided to try and figure it out on my own. A new computer (I didn't throw it across the room, even though I fantasized about it many times, instead my Son dumped an entire mug of coffee on laptop #1) and a few months of swearing, headaches and friends weighing in, I finally found the template and copy that would convey the essence of me and what I want my Coaching business to represent.

Now comes the bragging part- cause when I accomplish something I like to celebrate it, even more so- PUBLICLY. You guys!, I did something I never thought I was capable of- I figured out how to make all the pages work together, change designs, fonts and layouts and integrate outside systems into a Website that belongs to ME!!!! I stretched myself out of my comfort zone to see what I was capable of and even though I stumbled and fell and wanted to give up many times along the way, I persevered and came out the other side with so much pride and confidence in myself.

This is what I want to share with anyone who will listen, this is why I want to be a Life Coach. I want to help others stretch themselves so they can feel how amazing it is to reach the other side of self doubt. I want to hear the excitement in their voice when they realize that they had it in them all along to be awesome at what ever they thought they couldn't. I want to introduce the world to one more amazing human being who has the confidence to make someone else feel great so that the love keeps spreading. I made a WEBSITE, Y'all!!