IKEA- Sometimes you need to ask for help.

September 25, 2017

A lot of people have written articles and blog posts about how visiting an Ikea is a good test for your relationship or possibly a great way to end one.  My post today is going to speak more about how assembling Ikea furniture SOLO is a good gauge of how well you know when you should ask for help. 


There is a part of me that loves putting together any kind of puzzle.  Quite often I won't even look at instructions when I'm putting something together because I like to see if I can figure it out on my own, Translation: Instructions scare and frustrate me to no end and sometimes end up in ripped up pieces of paper on the floor that I have to tape back together so I can figure out why I have an extra piece at the end.


 There are times in life when we are given some direction on where to go and how to do things but there are still a lot of situations where there is room for multiple interpretations of the information given and we have to trust that we know how to read the signs- or instruction booklet. (Seriously, why is every picture at a different angle? Does is go in right or left? Why is there a step completely missing, am I just supposed to know what to do with this piece?!!!!) 


When do we ask for help? I mean surely, I should be able to hold all 4 of these pieces together while simultaneously screwing in this tiny screw on the bottom inside corner right? The instruction manual of life doesn't alw


ays tell us when we should ask for help and another set of hands.  That is for us to figure out on our own.  Unfortunately, we don't always allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough to ask. What if someone judges me on my ability to put together this cabinet? What if they tell other people about how I couldn't even hold it all together while it was slowly imploding? Ikea furniture, like real life is sometimes too hard to do it all on your own.  


Getting curious about when you don't ask for help can give you insight into why you don't.  We all have our own reasons for why we don't like to feel vulnerable (or as some put it- weak, useless, incapable etc) but there is no need to go through life trying to carry the load all on your own. Most people in our lives want to help us and are waiting for us to ask.  There are some people who try to take over and do everything for us- that's for another blog post.


I realized after I re-read the instruction manual that it had a picture right at the beginning with 2 Ikea persons, indicating that this was a 2 person job. I wish life was like this, a clear indication that you have encouragement to not try and go it alone.  Hopefully this can be one.  So when you are "putting together a piece of Ikea furniture" take some time to assess if you can comfortably do it on your own or if it might require some additional hands. You have my encouragement!

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