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Do we really need another Beauty Blog?

For those of you who don't know me I am so many things, some of which include: Mother, Wife, Health and Life Coach, artist, and now- Beauty Blogger.

I was a hairstylist for a hot minute back before my back gave out from my first pregnancy and while I was doing hair I loved doing makeup as well. To be able to switch up someone's look or magnify their already existing beauty so they feel as special as they are was very rewarding for me.

I did a bit of modelling in catalogues when I was a wee one and I used to watch the makeup artists doing the older models makeup and think how glamorous and magical it was. Makeup has always been a way of self expression and another set of "paints" for me to add colour to the world. I do however, feel strongly that a bare natural face is equally as beautiful as a full made up face and think it should be represented more in the media and everyday life. I've always lived a life of opposites, as most of us creatives do and so I wanted to create a beauty blog that celebrates all versions of beauty- race, gender, ability, size, shape, beauty means so many different things depending on who you ask, unfortunately we aren't always asked but instead TOLD what beauty is and that needs to change.

I used to hide my body in clothes that would cover up the fat because I was ashamed. I never wanted to be too loud, too bright or too crazy. I would find subtle ways to express my creative and playful spirit through accessories- thankfully they always fit. Makeup was much the same, I didn't put myself out there too much for fear of judgment, for fear of someone whispering behind my back to their friend "Oh look at fatty trying too hard". Well I'm tired of not seeing enough bodies like mine in the beauty industry and I'm tired of editing myself to try and make it appear I'm more like what is being shown as the "Standard". So with this new beauty blog I hope to show that no matter how you differ from the current "NORM" you matter and deserve to be represented and celebrated.

Very recently I decided to embark on a side venture that will let me use my Coaching skills as well as let me be back in the beauty industry that I love and have really missed. I decided to become a Beauty Guide with a company called Limelight by Alcone. For any other makeup geeks out there Alcone is a huge name in the world of makeup for stage and screen. It's where all the professionals go to get what they need. Alcone decided they wanted to come up with a way to help struggling makeup artists who had been so loyal to them for so many years so they created a Direct Sales company- Limelight- with a line of products that are a culmination of the Pros faves so that these professional Makeup artists could sell the products they use to their clients, now even us non professionals can use and sell these professional grade makeup and skincare items.

I have worked in Direct Sales before and I really didn't want to do it again. With my Coaching business I really wanted to put all my energy there, but the more I learned about the company and the more I used the products this past year I realized that there was something there calling to me. I feel very strongly (I talk about this in one of my Coaching videos) that to live a life that is authentically you and find sustainable happiness we need to dial in and start listening when that little voice is trying to guide you somewhere. We aren't defined by 1 thing, there are so many different layers to who we are and what we offer the world. So, when that little voice started whispering that this was something I needed to do, I listened. I don't know what will come of it, but I am excited to find out.

The Blog will be called Beauty in the Round- cause well I'm round and the beauty industry needs to be more WELL ROUNDED. I'm still putting it together so keep watching for the link, I'll post it here on my website and my social media sites as soon as it is ready to go.

I acknowledge that while I am in a larger body I am still close to the current "Ideal" and with that comes privilege that a lot of people are not afforded so I would also like to invite you to share with me what makes you feel beautiful so that I can show you off on my blog too. I welcome ANY person who would like to be shared because the more diversity the better!!! Please reach out, I love hearing people's stories and I would love to share them.